Space Probe

John Dickson


A model, based on a Voyager space probe, travels slowly across a warehouse ceiling, encountering various celestial phenomena, cobbled together from banal materials (rubber bands, cat fur, upholstery stuffing, a moon made from the board used on my drill press). The  probe contains a miniature live-feeding video camera that transmits the images back to a flat screen TV.  Viewers  wander back and forth between the sculptural installation and the video image at mission control.  One of the 'phenomena' is a turn-table that is playing side 1 of Brian Eno's Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, providing a suitably atmospheric and spacy, live-feed sound track.

Materials: rubber fur metal motor gears wood polyester batting sound turntable light camera TV video

Additional Tags: live-feed kinetic voyager space probe space